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Church/Clergy Tax Advisors
$25 Pastor Tax Prep Fee! Really? 
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​Church/Clergy Tax Advisors is a part of Crossroads Tax & Business Services.
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Our growing clients of clergy and churches reflect our expertise in this complex area of tax law. As a Christian-owned tax professional firm, our fees are structured to be very competitive. This is also a long-term ministry to serve clergy and churches that do not have the resources and access to them. We specialize in working with pastors and churches throughout Northern California and all 50 states over the Internet. We have served over 500 churches in the last 30 years. 

What do we charge for pastor tax preparation?

It is really quite simple! We can be as much as 50% or more in lower tax preparation fees for pastors. We are a small family-owned tax service. As a result of this, our overhead is quite low. Big national firms have to pay several levels of managers and have large advertising budgets. As a result, they have to charge more in order to make a profit, and in return, you pay a higher tax fee! Yes, we do advertise and market our firm. The majority of our clients come from referrals. 

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